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Unlike other strategic planning firms, we have designed a comprehensive “strategy management” suite of practices that support strategic planning, portfolio & project management, business process design, organizational development as well as operational planning


Strategy Management

Key elements to the success of your organization – strategy, execution, and effective communication

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Portfolio and Project Management

Executing your strategic plan centers around your ability to realize organizational goals through completing key projects and operational work.

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Business Process Design

Retain institutional knowledge, mitigate single points of failure, and achieve operational excellence by standardizing and optimizing your business practices

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Organizational Development

Realize transformational change in support of your business strategies and your organizational maturity continuum

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Operational Planning

Translate business objectives into actionable and practical work plans.

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In my 30-plus years of business leadership, I’ve seen strategy consultants enter and exit a business process and leave only a strategic planning document. What is missing, each time, is developing the underlying leadership and behaviors to bring the plan to reality.  GTSP’s on-going engagement is developing my leadership team into visionaries, into a cohesive and accountable team, and into a team that expects “significance and abundance” from our efforts.

Dave Moore, VP Demand Creation Services

GTSP has been an invaluable asset for us.  They are a super-bright, insightful, thoughtful, strategic , and outcome driven company.  They are fun to work with, and they have established an intimate relationship with our institution’s leadership team, which allows them to partner with us in a very meaningful way.  The powerful confluence of these traits, coupled with their company’s integrity and general decency, make them must-have for our institution’s success.

Mike Buell, Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools

Our organization owes a huge debt to GTSP. Our work with Paul and Eric allowed us to road-map a process for rising above working merely in our business; now we are using their techniques to work ON our business. Their clear-eyed facilitation helped us not only see, but address functional challenges, and then build the team we needed to address those challenges. It’s an intense process, one we would highly recommend for any business whether new or long established.

Marjorie Suddard, Grassroots Motorsports