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Our Track Record

We’d love to talk to you about what we bring to our partnership, but it may be better to hear our impact with some of our best clients over the years. These testimonials communicate our role in developing sustainable, professional growth for any organization. No matter the industry or size, your business deserves the best attention and the most innovative approaches to planning.

VP Demand Creation Services (formerly Village Press, Inc.) is a successful, national marketing, publishing and printing firm in Traverse City, MI.

In late 2016, we engaged Grand Traverse Strategy Partners (GTSP), Eric Okerstrom and Paul Mead, to lead us in an on-going strategy management process.  Our goals were to improve the maturity of our company’s planning process, and create the day-to-day discipline to achieve a broader vision and a significant, breakthrough Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) objective.

We have been incredibly pleased with the results:

  • “Strategy Management” with GTSP is significantly better than “strategic planning.”  Their follow-through involves quarterly follow-up meetings to update our goals, projects and actions.
  • At a more regular pace, weekly strategy huddles with our leadership team creates a consistent pace towards our quarterly objectives, and improved accountability to one another.
  • Finally, at a more granular level, daily stand-up huddles in each of our departments has dramatically improved our communications and pace of business.

Our Vision is to double the size of our company in five years.  GTSP has put us firmly on a path to accomplish this with our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and three-to-five year plans and actions.

In my 30-plus years of business leadership, I’ve seen strategy consultants enter and exit a business process and leave only a strategic planning document. What is missing, each time, is developing the underlying leadership and behaviors to bring the plan to reality.  GTSP’s on-going engagement is developing my leadership team into visionaries, into a cohesive and accountable team, and into a team that expects “significance and abundance” from our efforts.

Dave Moore, President and CEO. VP Demand Creation Services., Your Content Goes Here

I contacted GTSP because I had learned of the tremendous amount of success that they had with other professionals, whom I greatly respected. We have been working with GTSP partners for more than 5 years. Their insight into our vision and mission, coupled with their ability to design actionable plans to stay on mission, provided an expertise that we need to be the absolute best that we can be, year in and year out. GTSP has been an invaluable asset for us. They are a super-bright, insightful, thoughtful, strategic , and an outcome-driven company. They are fun to work with and they have established an intimate relationship with our institution’s leadership team, which allows them to partner with us in a very meaningful way. The powerful confluence of these traits, coupled with their company’s integrity and general decency, make them a must-have for our institution’s success.

Mike Buell, Superintendent, Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools., Your Content Goes Here

Our organization owes a huge debt to GTSP. Our work with Paul and Eric allowed us to road-map a process for rising above working merely in our business; now we are using their techniques to work ON our business. Their clear-eyed facilitation helped us not only see, but address functional challenges, and then build the team we needed to address those challenges. It’s an intense process, one we would highly recommend for any business whether new or long established.

Marjorie Suddard, Owner, Grassroots Motorsports, Your Content Goes Here